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EYSM Bursaries from Blackburn Festival

Each year Blackburn Festival of Speech, Music and Dance, choose the highest performing musicians from the instrumental and Vocal classes and offer a full Bursary worth over £700 to attend European Youth Summer Music. In 2022 two performers gained bursaries.

EYSM is an international summer course for students aged between11-21 years with residential or day places for Orchestral Instrumentalists, Singers, Accompanists and Composition students. Young people come to EYSM not only from the UK and Europe, but from all over the world. It takes place for a week each year during UK school summer holidays at St Catherine’s School, Bramley, Surrey.

EYSM has 4 main orchestras and a wide variety of musical activities for young musicians at differing stages of playing experience. Required standards are from Grade 6 to post Diploma (or equivalent for overseas students who do not take graded exams). There is no audition for the course.

With a state-of-the-art 300 seat auditorium surrounded by tranquil countryside, EYSM is hosted by St Catherine’s School Bramley and offers one of the best weeks of the musical year. It offers a range of opportunities for both orchestral and small ensemble musicianship.


Take a look at EYSM website and see for yourself.


In 2022, Blackburn Festival sent two performers. Here is what Amelia, our Vocal Bursary recipient wrote


I write to thank you for the most incredible experience and I would like to show my gratitude in which you thoughtfully presented me with a bursary and the opportunity to experience and learn important singing and voice skills at EYSM.


It was one of the best experiences I have encountered, and I enjoyed every second of it!  My favourite part was the amazing tutoring, the lovely lovely people I met, and joy that was shown during the whole week. I have come out of the week, having learned more knowledge, terminology, and techniques then I thought I was capable of learning, and can't thank you enough for the opportunity.


The week fuelled my passion and drive for music even more and gave me a real push to pursue my dreams; and I can't possibly describe how grateful I am that you were able to present this opportunity to me, again thank you so much.

A group of young musicians playing as an ensemble
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