25th and 26th April (Saturday and Sunday)

2nd and 3rd May (Saturday and Sunday)

8th, 9th and 10th May (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

             Miss Dance and Dance Master Sunday 3 May

All at the Croston Theatre, Westholme School

Closing date for entries: 18th February 2020

The syllabus for 2020 is available to download here

The Dance secretary is Anne Collingridge

Phone number: 01772 321415 or 07974 365460


Entry forms: these are new for 2020. There are two ways to enter.

1) If you are happy using Excel then download this sheet which you can fill in and email back. There are seven pages to cover each of the categories plus a cover sheet. Please add as many rows as you like to the forms. Fill your totals in on the cover sheet and email it back to

2) If you prefer to print a form off and fill it in by hand then please download whichever forms you need plus the cover sheet which summarises your entries.

Form 1: Solos

Form 2: Solo Novices


Form 3: Duets

Form 4: Trios

Form 5: Groups

Form 6: Championship Trophies

Cover sheet


Then please return all forms either electronically (if you have a scanner) to or by post to:

Anne Collingridge

39 Carr Field

Bamber Bridge



If you are struggling to dowload either set of forms they are available by email from either or

Payment with the entries, preferably by BACs, please. Bank details are on the entry forms.

Music: please bring your music on a CD. Please have a back up. We no longer have the facilities to play cassettes. MP3s can be played from phones and tablets, but please discuss this with the backstage crew in good time.